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Approaching a thousand episodes of primetime television scored, and three primetime Emmy nominations, Jon Ehrlich has a prolific list of scoring credits encompassing a broad range of projects.

The seeds of his unconventional path to becoming a scoring composer call back to his former life in the theater. As a Broadway theater actor, the practice of breaking down a scene became the basis for his approach to scoring — finding a way in; becoming the invisible actor in the scene. And as a musical theater composer and storyteller, the exercise of “finding the moments that sing” became a perfect analog to uncovering the voice and designing the architecture of a score.


Music by itself is just music; scoring to picture is storytelling that makes use of the language of music and its infinite dialects to shine a particular light, on a particular moment, from a particular angle.

Ehrlich’s primetime Emmy nominations in the Outstanding Music Composition for a Series (Original Dramatic Underscore) category came in recognition for his work on FOX’s Emmy Award-winning and Golden Globes Award-nominated drama series, HOUSE, M.D., starring Hugh Laurie; CBS’s drama/thriller series, THE AGENCY, starring Beau Bridges, and on FOX's adventure/fantasy series ROAR, starring Heath Ledger. His score for ASK ME ANYTHING, starring Martin Sheen, won Best Music in a Feature Film at the Nashville Film Festival. He is currently collaborating with Rachel Portman on the score for Hulu’s Holocaust drama mini-series, WE WERE THE LUCKY ONES, from director Tommy Kail and writer Erica Lipez, starring Logan Lerman and Joey King.

Ehrlich's music can also be heard on hit series that include: Amazon's, GOLIATH, from director Lawrence Trilling, starring Billy Bob Thornton, William Hurt, Dennis Quaid, & J.K. Simmons; THE RESIDENT, starring Matt Czuchry; PARENTHOOD, created by Jason Katims, starring Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Dax Shepard & Craig T. Nelson; ABOUT A BOY, created by Jason Katims, starring Minnie Driver; THE SLAP, developed by Walter Parkes, directed by Lisa Cholodenko, starring Brian Cox, Lucas Hedges, Peter Sarsgaard, & Uma Thurman; LIFE, starring Damian Lewis; WHITE COLLAR, starring Matt Bomer; GRACELAND, starring Aaron Tveit; INVASION, created by Shaun Cassidy; PITCH, created by Dan Fogleman & Rick Singer, starring Kylie Bunbury & Mark Consuelos; KAREN SISCO, created by Elmore Leonard, starring Carla Gugino; THE GUARDIAN, starring Simon Baker; Golden Globes-nominated PARTY OF FIVE, starring Neve Campbell & Scott Wolf; TIME OF YOUR LIFE, starring Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jennifer Garner.


Jon studied music and theater as an undergrad at Yale University where he graduated Scholar of the House.  He spent his early years writing musicals, and got his start at Warner Bros. Feature Animation, writing a musical film called, THE JESTER, with collaborator Stephen Lloyd.

Jon is also a founder of Qwire, a collaborative, cloud based, web platform that streamlines workflows across every aspect of the music-to-picture ecosystem, while managing music assets and all associated music metadata.

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05 31 2024

The Best TV Scores of 2024 (So Far)

A gorgeously elegant and elegiac Rachel Portman theme would’ve been enough to be thankful for. But Portman’s collaboration with Jon Ehrlich on the “We Were The Lucky Ones” score goes well beyond one emotional note. The music here is wise enough not to try to be more intense than the events that the Kurc family goes through over the course of the Hulu limited series. Instead, the score is often a quiet, insistent source of strength and emotional catharsis that the characters cannot allow themselves to show but that we get to feel. Portman and Ehrlich’s work transitions from being as wistful and painful as memories to being as relentless as whatever inner fortitude helps the characters survive — and back again. The result is a musical experience that matches the poignancy of the series.


We Were the Lucky Ones (Original Soundtrack)

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05 10 2024

Gold Derby Zoom Interview: Rachel Portman and Jon Ehrlich ('We Were the Lucky Ones' composers)

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03 29 2024

Rachel Portman And Jon Ehrlich Open Up About Composing Title Theme Of We Were The Lucky Ones

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03 22 2024

Rachel Portman & Jon Ehrlich Scoring Hulu’s ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’

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03 23 2024

‘We Were the Lucky Ones’ Co-Composers Rachel Portman and Jon Ehrlich on ‘Hopeful’ Title Theme


03 25 2024

Rachel Portman & Jon Ehrlich Scoring ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’

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05 29 2024

Dublab Podcast: Special Edition of Studio Soundtracks with composers Jon Ehrlich & Rachel Portman


05 22 2024

Interview: We Were the Lucky Ones Composers Rachel Portman and Jon Ehrlich


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